29 November 2021 to 3 December 2021
Asia/Thimphu timezone




This Workshop is the third workshop organized under the Asi@Connect funded UPROUSE with LEARN project.

The workshop focuses on one of the critical components of the Internet to provide user-friendly connectivity, Doman Name Service and its Security extension, DNS/DNSSEC. Moreover, key concepts, protocols, and the procedures involved in establishing and maintaining proper DNS for a network, and building an understanding and familiarity with their operation could be examined. This will equip participants to develop appropriate actions and procedures to maintain a working trusted network for all users.

Venue: Online. (Due to COVID19 restrictions)
Duration: 5 days
Class size: 48
Target group:  System/Network Administrators/Engineers from NREN member institutions of UPROUSE with LEARN project partners
Program Level: Intermediate
Course fee: free of charge
Date: 29th Nov - 03 Dec, 2021
Note: Participants are requested to bring a laptop (8GB RAM+, 100GB free disk space) with Virtualbox or any other suitable hypervisor installed.
Applications: NREN's selected applicants only.

Project Partners

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