19-22 July 2022
Zoom Room - LEARN Office
Asia/Colombo timezone

Optimizing network performance is a key part of tuning up a campus network. The metrics of the network performance include latency, packet loss, jitter, bandwidth, and throughput. The figures can be measured regularly or occasionally where your network perform as desired is extremely important. Such measurements should further help you to detect device/service overloading, network bottle-necks, flooding and any unusual behaviours. 

Apart from, have you documented your network in a digital means?. Means do you have an inventory of your network devices/servers with their detail such as brand/model, firmware version, IPs assigned, number ports available/used, date of purchased, warranty status and how their ports connected to varies other devices and to down/up links. Further how your network cable infrastructure connected here and there.

On the other hand, how do you handle your customer requests. Do you following them until they fully resolved, handling them properly while updating customer in each stages of resolving of the issue and while keeping a record of all of them in a digital means.

The best practices to network management and measurements will be discussed and practiced at the workshop. It is going to train you on how another set of open source tools are going to be used for such an aspects

Venue: Online - Virtual over Zoom 
Duration: 4 days
Class size: 70
Target group: Network/Systems engineers/operators and Teachers of data networking/system administration
Program Level: Intermediate
Course fee: free of charge
Date: 19th July 2022 to 22nd July 2022 (4 days) 

Zoom Room - LEARN Office