18-20 February 2020
IT Centre, University of Peradeniya
Asia/Colombo timezone

In an emerging academic network, having an identity for each user with a proper identity management is a crucial need, since there are numerous applications around the globe that will enable academics to ease their research and education activities. LEARN Identity Access Federation (LIAF) is to support world-wide academic services through eduGAIN and services introduced by LEARN itself.

The recently introduced enterprise grade Zoom video conferencing facility which enables academics and other staff to host (schedule and manage) their own meetings/webinars themselves has also to be accessed over LIAF.

To join with LIAF, your institute must have a proper IAM solution installed on premise. LEARN has being in the process of providing assistance and guiding/training the engineers/network administrators of LEARN member institute over more than a year now. LEARN also had several workshops/seminars during the last year. However, most of the institutes are yet to join with LIAF denying the delivery of the said services to their staff. Therefore, LEARN is going to host another 3 days physical workshop and a few pre virtual sessions (over Zoom video conferencing start two weeks before the physical session) to further support the institution.


Virtual Sessions (Over Zoom video conferencing)

   1. Requirements and on-premise Hardware preparation - 10th February 10am - 11am 

   2. OS Installation and enabling remote ssh login - 11th February 10am - 11am


Physical Session

Venue: Information Technology Center, University of Peradeniya  

  • Duration: 3 day
  • Class size: 60
  • Target group: Network/Systems/LMS administrators from LEARN member institutions.
  • Program Level: intermediate
  • Course fee: free of charge (two nights accommodation sharing basis, refreshment, lunch, dinner and break-first will be provided)
  • Date: 18th - 20th February 2020 from 8.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m
  • Prerequisite:

Note: Each institute is expected to run a Ubuntu latest  on a PC/(Server) on premise while enabling SSH remote login. It is going be configured as your IAM server from the workshop venue.

IT Centre, University of Peradeniya
IT Centre/1-0 - CCNA Lab